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On October 25, Neal Dikeman for Senate received confirmation by mail from the FEC Assistant General Counsel Jeff Jordan that the Neal Dikeman for Senate FEC complaint against Beto for Texas had been assigned Matter Under Review number #7515.

According to the FEC, the issuance of a MUR# (Matter Under Review) indicates that the complaint submitted states a violation within the FEC’s jurisdiction and satisfies the criteria for a proper complaint. The issuance of an MUR# does not indicate a finding.


Now that a MUR# has been issued, CNN and Beto for Texas will have 15 days to demonstrate to the FEC in writing why no action should be taken against them in response to the complaint, a date that falls in this instance on Election Day. Following receipt of responses, the FEC will conduct its internal evaluation of the matter. Commission action on a MUR is kept strictly confidential until the case is resolved.  Parties can appeal an FEC decision to the Federal District Court in Washington, D.C.

Given the timeline associated with complaint evaluation process, we expect no further information from the FEC to be available prior to the election nor will there be information on the MUR available on the FEC’s website at this time. Commission action on a MUR is kept strictly confidential until the case is resolved.

Says Libertarian candidate Neal Dikeman, “Given that the event in question has now passed, we see no alternative remedy but for the FEC to levy an appropriate and commensurate fine against CNN and Beto for Texas for their violations and for Beto for Texas to repay CNN for the fair market value of the $10 million prohibited in-kind corporate campaign contribution it received.”

Money should not drive politics. Corporations should not fund politicians. All media sources need to play by the same rules.


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