$2.5 billion flood control bond measure passes


HARRIS COUNTY — The $2.5 billion dollar flood control bond election has been approved by voters earlier tonight (Aug. 25, 2018).

By a wide margin, 85% for and 15% against, the single item election passed.

“We are very excited that the voters have significantly enhanced the Flood Control District’s ability to address the flooding issues that impact Harris County by approving the issuance of up to $2.5 billion in bonds to help us implement more flood risk reduction projects in a shorter timeframe,” said Russ Poppe, the Harris County Flood Control District executive director. “We intend to make immediate use of this opportunity: Next Tuesday’s Harris County Commissioners Court agenda will include items to advance 14 flood risk reduction projects that are made possible by this new bond funding. There will be more projects in the coming months.

“Harris County residents have put their trust in the Flood Control District and we plan to work extremely hard and efficiently to turn the financial resources made available as a result of this election into the reality of reduced flooding risks across Harris County,” he added.

The bond money is expected to be used for projects over the next decade to 15 years, but will see action as soon as September in some areas.

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