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All new ventures start out small.
Then they grow and become stronger, faster, and better.
With your help, the Cypress News Review will become all those things.
While we plan on showing our community’s best businesses via advertising, you can help us along the way by supporting us via Patreon.
We’re working on our patrons’ benefits and we’re curious as to what you want in Cypress’ own journalistic effort. You can message your ideas to us via Facebook, here.

Beyond that, journalism isn’t free.

Producing quality work, including news coverage, isn’t cheap. When the TV media are telling horror stories of half of newsrooms jobs being slashed, the Cypress News Review is standing up with other local independent online news publishers to go beyond filling the holes left by old business models.

We’re committed to a growing and ever expanding Cypress, and creating more engaged and informed citizens. With your help, we can make everyone know that Cypress is the next jewel of Texas.