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Cy Woods High School

Motto: 212º
Former Head Football Coach David Jones introduced the 212º Spirit concept to his football players back in our second year as a school, 2007-2008. He was looking for a way to encourage players to focus on working together as a team and set aside personal ambitions. He used a motivational video on how water doesn’t boil until it reaches 212º F., emphasizing how only one degree of extra heat (or effort) transforms hot water into steam, a force that has been harnessed to power engines and truly impact human achievement.
The idea that one degree of extra effort is “what separates good from great” is the compelling concept that has swept through Cypress Woods, giving impetus and intensity to more than just athletic pursuits. The Woods’ bar of excellence is always being raised in the classroom in all academic pursuits, and involvement in art, theater, and music. Source: CFISD
Opened: 2006
13550 Woods-Spillane Blvd.
Cypress, TX 77429
Phone: 281-213-1800
Fax: 281-213-1827

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