CCEMS Teaches Stop The Bleed to Tomball ISD Employees


Just before Tomball ISD resumed the 2018-19 school year after the winter break, CCEMS Tactical Medics trained 524 Tomball employees how to Stop The Bleed. We had already trained 160 last year including all of the school nurses, bringing the grand total to 684. Our thanks to the school nurses who provided valuable one on one assistance during tourniquet practice.

The district is getting ready to deploy Bleeding Control Kits with tourniquets across the district and the leadership wanted to make sure employees know how to use them in case of emergency.

On January 7, CCEMS trained 180 employees at Tomball High School in the morning and 208 employees at Tomball Memorial High School in the afternoon.


CCEMS returned to Tomball ISD on January 8, to train all of the district’s bus drivers. Tomball is the first district to do that in the CCEMS area. We applaud the district’s commitment to student and employee safety.

Even though this training came from tragedy due to school shootings and other mass casualty incidents, a school district employee is far more likely to use a tourniquet for an accidental injury such as from a fall or an auto-pedestrian accident. A person with a serious hemorrhage can bleed out and die in as little as three minutes no matter what caused the bleeding. Time is critical and lives are being save when someone on an accident scene knows what to do until EMS arrives.

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