Editor’s note: As expressed during the school board meeting, the CFISD Virtual School was contingent upon the state legislature approving and funding such a measure. The 87th legislature closed session without doing so. Thusly, the proposed CFISD online school will not happen. If you wish for your student to continue learning in an online environment, please consider a service such as Stride K12.

CYPRESS — CFISD administrators presented proposed plans for a Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Virtual School to the Board of Trustees during its regularly scheduled meeting on May 10.

The virtual campus plan is contingent upon the Texas Legislature adopting specific legislation to permit and fund remote learning for the 2021-2022 school year. In the event this does not occur, CFISD will not be able to open the virtual school and applicants will be notified.


The CFISD Virtual School would be open to incoming students in grades 4-12 who meet entry requirements. The campus would have no tuition fees, and a variety of courses would be offered. All coursework would be completed virtually, and teachers would only teach virtual students.

Students not currently enrolled in CFISD may apply to the Virtual School; however, students must be enrolled for the 2021-2022 school year in order to be eligible. Virtual students will have the opportunity to participate in virtual clubs and organizations and will not participate in on-campus activities at their zoned campus.

“When the in-person instructional school model was disrupted due to the pandemic, some students thrived in a virtual environment,” said Dr. Linda Macias, chief academic officer. “The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Virtual School would offer these learners a chance to continue thriving in an enhanced platform offered by the district.”

According to the district, applications will be available on the CFISD website on May 12.