Hurricane Preparedness Week

This week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week and Constable Ted Heap is reminding you to evaluate what you need to do to protect your home and family NOW, before the first storm of the season even forms.

Being prepared now will mean the difference between your being a hurricane victim and a hurricane survivor.


Take some time this week to make sure you have a hurricane evacuation plan.

Figure out where you’d go and how you’d get there if told to evacuate. You do not need to travel hundreds of miles. Identify someone, perhaps a friend or relative who doesn’t live in an evacuation zone, and coordinate with them to use their home as your evacuation destination.

You can find designated evacuation routes here:

Be sure to account for your pets, as most local shelters do not permit them. Put the plan in writing for you and those you care about.


If you are not in an evacuation zone and plan to ride out a hurricane in your home, make sure it is in good repair and up to local hurricane building code specifications. Have the proper plywood, steel or aluminum panels to board up the windows and doors. Remember, the garage door is the most vulnerable part of the home, so it must be able to withstand high winds. And make sure you have emergency supplies in advance.

Just having enough supplies to make it through a hurricane isn’t enough. You need plenty to make it through what could be a LONG recovery period too.

Water and electricity could be out for a week or more. Have enough non-perishable food, water, and medicine to last each person in your family for a MINIMUM of one week.


This Hurricane Preparedness Week, call your insurance company or agent to ask for an insurance checkup to make sure you have enough homeowners insurance to repair or even replace your home.

And remember, standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding. Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, you’ll need a separate policy for flooding. Act now as flood insurance requires a 30-day waiting period.

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