Crave PowerHUB PRO, 75W review

Crave PowerHUB PRO, 75W. (courtesy

With today’s modern power-hungry devices gobbling up every bit of power they can find, a small power hub is exactly what anyone upgrading their cell phone to the current model needs.

The Crave Power Hub Pro has a Power Delivery (PD) port, Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 port, and two standard 2.4A USB ports. All four ports have Smart IC technology to automatically detect your device’s amperage needs and then safely charges it.

Personally, it does everything I need in a power brick for devices. I can run my M1 Macbook, charge my phone, earbuds, etc. It’s smaller than I expected — just larger than a deck of playing cards.

With many new professional mirrorless cameras having USB C charging as an option, devices such as the Crave Power Hub Pro are essential to photography businesses and media operations.

For more details, check out Crave’s website here.

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