Cy-Fair HS mixed choir joins others across globe to perform for unity


Cy-Fair HS mixed choir joins others across globe to perform for unityThe Cy-Fair High School Chorale performs Sisi Ni Moja, which means “we are one” in Swahili, on Sept. 21 as part of International World Day of Peace. The ensemble joined others from across the world as part of the “AVoice4Peace” project. Performances were streamed live, with the Chorale’s performance garnering more than 1,000 views in its first two days.

By Joanna Warren, Cy-Fair HS

CYPRESS — The Cy-Fair High School Chorale has practiced and prepared every day in class from the first day of school for not only its fall concert in October but a very special performance for the International World Day of Peace.

Established in 1981 by the United Nations the first celebrated the next year, International World Day of Peace has signified a day of cease-fire and non-violence throughout the world, and marked a time where people from all around the world celebrate and promote peace.

Cy-Fair’s Chorale participated by singing with choirs from around the world using technology by live-streaming and recording their performances to be uploaded on The Mosaic Project is among many different organizations that use International World Day of Peace to promote peace throughout their communities, while people throughout the world also participate by marching or parading for peace, having a minute of silence at noon, having community gatherings and more.

Choir director Evan Key spent his summer studying music at Florida State University where one of his professors, Dr. Kevin Fenton, introduced him to the “AVoice4Peace” project and website. On this website, choirs from countries like Japan, Africa and the United States sing at a designated time and are able to have their music on the website.

As part of the International Day of Peace, AVoice4Peace states its mission “is very simple; to encourage choirs and musicians to dedicate one day of the year to talk and sing about peace.”

Individuals and groups alike can submit their own singing videos for years to follow. Chorale had been working on a song called Sisi Ni Moja, which means “we are one” in Swahili. They performed and live-streamed this song on the International Day of Peace.

“It’s a really great movement and I love what it stands for,” Key said. “I think that pretty much anyone should be behind promoting community. I think it’s a really great way to use music for positive things.”

Not only were the three choir directors excited for this event, but so were many of the students.

Performances can be viewed at the project’s channel. The Chorale’s performance garnered more than 1,000 in its first two days on the channel.

“It’s really cool to be able to say I participated in something like this my senior year,” said Chorale member Emma White. “I always love the music they pick out for us but I’ve especially loved this song since the first day we started it and I’m beyond excited for it to be seen around the world.”

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