Cypress and Bridgeland ® football players named to 2020 All-District 16-6A Team

CYPRESS — District 16-6A football coaches released the All-District Team on Jan. 5, 2021, following the conclusion of each team’s postseason.

Five different CFISD teams were represented among the district superlatives. Bridgeland ® High School junior quarterback Conner Weigman was unanimously voted Offensive MVP. Cypress Woods High School senior defensive lineman Chris Agnew was named Defensive MVP.

Cypress Falls junior quarterback Jonathan Valdez and Langham Creek High School sophomore wide receiver Jaquaize Pettaway were voted co-Offensive Newcomers of the Year, while Cypress Park High School sophomore defensive lineman Jarra Anderson was named Defensive Newcomer of the Year. Bridgeland ® High School head coach David Raffield was voted Coach of the Year.

The following CFISD athletes earned first and second team and honorable mention all-district recognition:

First Team All-District 16-6A
Position Name Grade School
Offensive Linemen Justin Jones 12 Cypress Ranch
Caleb Collier 12 Cypress Ranch
Bryce Simpson 11 Cypress Ranch
Ty Van Atta* 12 Cypress Woods
Duke Leonard* 11 Cypress Woods
Trey Brooks* 11 Cypress Falls
James Price 12 Langham Creek
Carling Snell 11 Cypress Park
Tight End Ben Postma 12 Cypress Ranch
Wide Receivers Edwin Smith* 12 Cypress Ranch
Dylan Caddle 11 Cypress Ranch
Hunter Wallis* 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Dylan Goffney 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Atravion Hunter* 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Andrew Maleski 11 Bridgeland ® High School
Jaquaize Pettaway 10 Langham Creek
Running Backs Jaylan Walker 12 Cypress Falls
Harold Perkins* 11 Cypress Park
Cameron King* 11 Cypress Park
Halfback/Fullback Nathan Livingston* 11 Cypress Park
Quarterbacks Dylan Cormier* 12 Cypress Woods
Tanner Murray* 11 Langham Creek
Defensive Linemen Chibuikem Nwajuaku* 11 Cypress Ranch
Blane Channel 12 Cypress Ranch
Ashton Porter* 10 Cypress Ranch
Oghenemine Imarah 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Tyler Sherrill 12 Cypress Woods
Grant Ladner 11 Cypress Woods
Jesse Chukwu 11 Cypress Falls
Jarra Anderson 10 Cypress Park
Linebackers Christian BrathWaite 10 Cypress Ranch
Conner Motsinger 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Dylan Rogers 10 Cypress Woods
A.J. Owens* 12 Langham Creek
Jayhvion Gipson 12 Langham Creek
Harold Perkins 11 Cypress Park
Owens Pewee 11 Cypress Park
Joshua Hunter 12 Cypress Springs
Defensive Backs Robin Neely* 12 Cypress Ranch
Xavier Watson 12 Cypress Ranch
Roderick Edwards 12 Cypress Ranch
Romario Noel 12 Cypress Ranch
Gavan Kaspar* 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Bryce McMorris 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Brenton Frizell 11 Cypress Woods
Jaylan Walker 12 Cypress Falls
Ja’Mareion Gipson 11 Langham Creek
Kicker Christian Castaneda 10 Cypress Park
Punter Zachary Gibson 12 Cypress Ranch
Return Specialist Jaylan Walker 12 Cypress Falls

*Unanimous all-district selections

Second Team All-District 16-6A
Position Name Grade School
Offensive Linemen Jensen Wester 12 Cypress Ranch
Jeremiah Cash 12 Cypress Springs
Darius Walker 11 Cypress Springs
Robert Jones 11 Cypress Park
Chance Scheiffele 11 Bridgeland ® High School
Ethan Bogert 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Gage Geaslin 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Braiden Barrett 12 Cypress Woods
Cade Hanks 11 Langham Creek
Tight End Dylan Crippen 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Wide Receivers Ethan Spear 11 Cypress Falls
Marquise Chapman 12 Cypress Falls
Justin Bingham 12 Cypress Falls
Javion Davis 12 Cypress Falls
Myles Johnson 12 Cypress Woods
Alejandro Vasquez 11 Langham Creek
Running Backs Mason Culton 11 Bridgeland ® High School
JP Martin 12 Cypress Falls
Darnel Green 10 Cypress Lakes
Marc Bailey 11 Cypress Springs
Jayden Landry 11 Langham Creek
Halfback/Fullback Trayse Holmes 12 Cypress Woods
Quarterbacks DJ Ciers 12 Cypress Ranch
Jonathan Valdez 11 Cypress Falls
Jeremiah Mosley 12 Cypress Springs
Defensive Linemen Jonovan Dennis 11 Cypress Ranch
Elliott Jones 12 Cypress Falls
Cade Hanks 11 Langham Creek
Jaylon Simien 11 Cypress Park
Givon Ortega-Jones 12 Cypress Lakes
Nathan Earle 11 Bridgeland ® High School
Brayden Amacker 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Linebackers Javion Davis 12 Cypress Falls
Orlando Thibodeaux 12 Cypress Ranch
Landen Nowak 12 Cypress Ranch
Teylan Nelson 11 Cypress Ranch
Daniel Grisbee 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Charles Moore 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Ethan Spear 11 Cypress Falls
Riley Redgrave 12 Cypress Woods
Defensive Backs Jack Grier 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Kamren Amao 12 Bridgeland ® High School
Marquise Chapman 12 Cypress Falls
Raymond Davis 11 Cypress Park
Josh Wilburn 11 Cypress Falls
Carson Smith 12 Cypress Woods
Parker Childers 12 Cypress Woods
Deavon Phillips 12 Langham Creek
Kicker Charlie Feris 11 Cypress Ranch
Punter Christian Castaneda 10 Cypress Park
Return Specialist Cameron King 11 Cypress Park


Honorable Mention All-District 16-6A
School Name Grade
Bridgeland ® High School Roderick Gray 12
Connor Gower 12
Gavan Kaspar 12
Josh Ryan 11
Ethan Hajdik 12
Cypress Park Nathaniel Troxel 10
Christopher Gilbreath 11
Raymond Sims 12
Robert Davis 11
Cypress Lakes Mateo Garcia 11
Cameron Gray 11
Amir Turner 11
Jeremiah Sherrill 12
Justin Port 12
Cypress Springs Quazean Bou 12
Malik Barnes 12
Jeremiah Cash 12
DaVonte Lewis 12
Emmanuel Lawton 10
Cameron White 11
Sebastian Veazy 10
Terrill Curtis 11
Malik Colon 11
Cypress Ranch Kashius McCray 12
Xavier Martinez 12
Alex Garcia 11
Cypress Woods Trey Craft 11
Philip White 11
Ryne Sterns 12
Christian Faulkner 12
Langham Creek Ivan Rodriguez 11
Nick Mitchell 12
Kevin Durney 12
Cypress Falls Trey Silas 11
Edgar Gomez 11
Trevor McCoy 12
Chance Ward 12
Kevin Umanzor 12
Justin Bingham 12


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