CYPRESS — The Cypress Homeschool Association (CHA) is hosting its annual open house  at the Weekley Community Center from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6, 2021.
The CHA is a homeschool organization that was started over 15 years ago.  Now at over 350 families, CHA provides activities and resources for homeschooling families in and around the Cypress area.
Here is more information about the open house:

The Cypress Homeschool Association is an excellent resource to be connected into the homeschool community. It offers a variety of parties, age specific gatherings and structured programs at a low cost for homeschoolers to participate. CHA has weekly park days and a well organized co-op that are run by volunteer parents who care greatly for the education of their children and want to provide a community for their children to thrive in. CHA is a very social oriented and thriving community, and it’s all made possible by dedicated parents and volunteers!

The Cypress Homeschool Association is a diverse and inclusive Non-Profit Homeschool Group that offers lots of extra activities for homeschoolers in Cypress and nearby areas. It includes a Co-Op, monthly field trips for every age group, Annual Art and Talent Show, Annual International Festival, Annual Science Fair, Mentorship Program for new Homeschooling parents, holiday parties, dances, and even Scholarships for graduating Seniors

Recent CHA graduates have patented new inventions that are on the market today, and students who run their own creative businesses, including a student who refurbishes and resales toilets, or another student who breeds and sells feeder bugs for small reptiles and animals!


CHA offers a wide range of activities but also has top notch privacy for those looking to stay offline. CHA also charters a BSA troop, which in itself houses several activities and events.

The open house is for any new members, or for anyone who is considering homeschooling and/or joining an organization to learn more about what we have to offer.