CYPRESS — Your local startup online news site has joined the world’s leading internet news association.

The Cypress News Review leadership knew that irrigating the news desert of Cypress, Texas, would be a monumental task and the best way to achieve both long-term and short-term goals would be to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Now with links to groups like the Local Independent Online News Publishers and the Texas Sports Writers Association, the Cypress News Review is building a strong foundation.


“All research regarding the best ways to build a startup news website kept pointing to one organization: LION,” publisher Creighton Holub said. “As we move into uncharted territory, the best answers are from LION and our fellow members who have, or are facing the same challenges.”

Being a startup business have plenty of its own challenges, but becoming a pillar of the growing Cypress community is one the publisher recognizes as key to everyone’s success.

“I’ve lived here for eight years and it’s been tough to find news and information that wasn’t easily sensationalized by the big city media, and the closest traditional local news outlet has no interest in our day-to-day lives up here,” Holub added. “But the timing is right for us to start telling our own stories and publicizing our Cypress heroes, community leaders and government representatives. Right now, the best way for readers to support us is simply by reading and sharing our articles. We’re working on ways for our local businesses to tell their stories with us, but we want to have the perfect setup for them.”

Joining the TSWA was another major point in the publisher’s plans.

“I’ve been in the sports news business since 1997,” Holub recalled. “The TSWA gives us access and input on so many ways to publicize our high school athletes. Cy-Fair ISD student athletes are among the best in Texas. While the Cypress News Review can’t win games for our community, we can let everyone know when our youth have earned All State honors.”