Cypress scouts among top fundraisers

Data from SHAC popcorn fundraiser sales.
Cypress' Troop 3 and Troop 846 raised over $30,000 each during the fall's popcorn sales. (courtesy image)

CYPRESS — The Sam Houston Area Council announced its top popcorn sellers across the Houston area.

The top unit was Cub Scout Pack 12 from the Tomball area, with over $50,000 in popcorn sold.

Troop 3 from the Copperhead District led the two Cypress districts with $40,020 in sales.


SHAC says that 75% of the sales is used to fund programs and activities throughout the year.

Data from SHAC popcorn fundraiser sales.
Cypress’ Troop 3 and Troop 846 raised over $30,000 each during the fall’s popcorn sales. (courtesy image)
Individual scout fundraiser sales data.
Troop 846’s Lance J. made a stunning almost $28K in popcorn fundraising sales last fall. Troop 533’s Robby L. raised over $10,000 in fundraiser popcorn sales. (courtesy image)

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