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NEW YORK, NY – Today, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) congratulates Denis McDonough following the near-unanimous approval of his nomination to become secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Following today’s overwhelming Senate vote, IAVA congratulates Denis McDonough on his new leadership role in the Biden administration as he takes the reins of a massive department with the noble mission of caring for those who have borne the battle on behalf of the United States,” said Tom Porter, Executive VP for IAVA. “The new secretary arrives at a time when the VA is challenged to meet the critical needs of veterans during a deadly and continuing pandemic. We encourage him to act as a true partner in helping veterans obtain the quality and timely services they need, and to work transparently and with accountability with the VSO/MSO community toward that goal.”

In 2021, IAVA is focused on the priorities our members see as most pressing, including:

  • Combating suicide among troops and veterans
  • Gaining benefits for servicemembers and veterans suffering injuries from burn pits and other toxic exposures
  • Recognizing the service of, and improving services for, women veterans and servicemembers
  • Defending veteran and military education benefits
  • Reforming government to best support today’s military and veterans
  • Empowering servicemembers and veterans who want to use alternative therapies

Learn more about IAVA’s 2021 priorities here.

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