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CYPRESS — How is it that Katy families go to Cypress schools?

How is it that Houston families go to Cypress schools?


While only one CFISD high school, Cy Lakes High School, has a Katy mailing address, there are a total of 12 Cypress schools with Katy mailing addresses. To be clear, none of them are within the City of Katy’s city limits.

Here are the 12 Cypress-Fairbanks ISD schools with Katy mailing addresses, along with their mailing addresses:
M. Robinson Elementary School, 4321 Westfield Village Dr., Katy TX 77449
Hemmenway Elementary School, 20400 West Little York Rd, Katy TX 77449
Walker Elementary School, 6424 Settlers Village Dr., Katy TX 77449
Duryea Elementary School, 20150 Arbor Creek Dr, Katy TX 77449
Emery Elementary School, 19636 Plantation Myrtles Dr., Katy TX 77449
McFee Elementary School, 19315 Plantation Cove Ln., Katy TX 77449
Alternative Learning Center – West, 19350 Rebel Yell Drive, Katy TX 77449
Hoover Elementary School, 6425 Greenhouse Road, Katy TX 77449
Jowell Elementary School, 6355 Greenhouse Rd, Katy TX 77449
Thornton Middle School, 19802 Kieth Harrow Blvd., Katy TX 77449
Sheridan Elementary School, 19790 Kieth Harrow Blvd., Katy TX 77449
Cypress Lakes High School, 5750 Greenhouse Road, Katy TX 77449

The school district has a convenient and interactive Google Maps district map (embedded below) for the 2019-2020 school year.

The whole mailing address conundrum has caused many problems as home buyers and renters may purchase or rent a home with a Katy mailing address, only to learn that the residence is actually in unincorporated Harris County. Imagine moving to a place with a Katy mailing address, but your kids go to school district that doesn’t match with where you thought you moved to.

While there are all of the emergency services available — law enforcement by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the Precinct 5 Constable’s Office (south of Highway 290) or the Precinct 4 Constable Office (north of Highway 290), and fire protection by Harris County Emergency Services District 9 also known as the Cy-Fair Fire Department — the Katy-specific Katy Police Department and Katy Fire Department would generally show up in a mutual aid-type of situation.

Even the City of Katy website has an address finder, to help citizens determine if they even live within actual Katy. Click here to visit that website.

Click to visit the City of Katy website. (Screen shot)
The City of Katy has a locator service on its website to help differentiate between addresses within the city limits and in unincorporated Harris County. The red area in the map illustrates the city limits. Click to visit the City of Katy website. (Screen shot)

Cypress citizens residing in unincorporated parts of Harris County are used to dealing with Municipal Utility Districts, whereas those living within city limits would usually get their water directly from the city’s service.



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