CYPRESS — Logan Stallone, a Bridgeland® High School senior, completed his Eagle Scout project on Nov. 26 that included cleaning, renumbering and painting more than 1,000 parking spaces for Bridgeland® High School.

Stallone dedicated more than 500 hours to the project and recruited help from other Boy Scout troops and the Bridgeland® High School National Honor Society. Stallone is a member of Boy Scout Troop No. 179 (part of the Big Cypress district of the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Big Cypress district generally serves the northern half of the Cypress area, while the Copperhead district serves the southern half of the Cypress area.) and wanted to complete a project that would have a lasting impact within the Cypress community.

“I had several projects I was considering for my Eagle Scout project, but when the Bridgeland® High School administration presented this idea, I thought it was a golden opportunity to give back to the school I have made so many memories at as a member of the first graduating class that attended Bridgeland® (High School) all four years,” Stallone said. “This opportunity provided me with real-world work experience. I learned a lot about project management, troubleshooting, dedication to my goals and school/work/life balance.”


Stallone began his project by seeking out different vendors and business partners that would help contribute to the project through materials or monetary donations, including Sherwin Williams, Cas Moya of Prosource Services, Trantex, Painters Repair Show, BenefitU, Rickey Chavez of Gary Green Realty, Heath Melton of Howard Hughes Corporation and McCurdy Media.

Bridgeland® High School principal Mike Smith said the project has benefited the school in more ways than one.

“Logan’s Eagle Scout project has been very beneficial to the students of Bridgeland® High School,” Smith said. “Because of Logan’s work, we are able to assign students specific spots, which has helped cut down on tardies and frustration. Without the numbered sports, students would need to drive up and down the rows of the parking lot looking for a parking space every morning. The numbered spots have helped tremendously.”


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