Get ready to Take Your Shot—Rocket League is now free-to-play on Nintendo Switch!

(Courtesy Nintendo)

Rocket League is having its biggest update ever with new and improved features. Starting today, you can download Rocket League for free and jump into online play with friends, no matter which platform they’re playing on!

Whether you’re a Rocket League pro or downloading the game for the first time, you can dive into Season 1 right now.

Find out more about what the new Season has in store below.

Rocket Pass

The latest installment of Rocket Pass, Rocket League’s very own battle pass system, is live now. Tier up your Rocket Pass and unlock items just for playing.

With Rocket Pass Premium, you can gain access to over 70 Tiers of items, including the all-new Harbinger car. Rocket Pass Premium players also have a chance to unlock more experience points and new items with three additional Weekly Challenges every week!

Up for a Challenge?

Complete weekly and season-long challenges that unlock new items and XP. Be sure to complete your Weekly Challenges, because three new Challenges will replace them each week.

Competitive Tournaments

Join daily 3v3 Competitive Tournaments by yourself or form a squad of three. When you join a Tournament, you’ll be entered into a 32-team bracket with teams similar to your rank. Climb the bracket and earn Tournament Credits to unlock items found in Competitive Tournaments. The best part? Tournaments are free to join! Good luck and have fun!

New Competitive Ranks

All-new Ranks are here! Grand Champion has been split into Grand Champion I, Grand Champion II, and Grand Champion III. Continue advancing to achieve the top rank of Supersonic Legend.

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