AUSTIN — Governor Greg Abbott today announced that the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Category B assistance funding to provide financial support to Texas’ network of food banks. If approved, this funding will provide nearly $70 million for Texas’ network of 21 food banks and will allow food banks to work with their supply chain networks to shore up supplies and provide more nutritional support to those in need.

“This funding is crucial to helping ensure our network of food banks can continue to provide food to Texans in need,” said Governor Abbott. “Our food banks have tirelessly served their fellow Texans throughout the COVID-19 response, and this pandemic has led to a quick depletion of supplies and resources for these organizations. The State of Texas is committed to giving these organizations supplemental support during these challenging times so they can continue providing resources to those in need. I thank TDEM for working closely with FEMA to apply for these funds, and remain grateful to the staff and volunteers of our food banks here in the Lone Star State. These selfless and hardworking Texans represent the very best of our great state.”

Texas Division of Emergency Management has applied for FEMA funding for Texas food banks.
If approved, the funding will provide nearly $70M for 21 food banks across the state to ensure supplies and resources are stocked for Texans in need.


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