HCESD 11 Votes to Terminate Contract with Cypress Creek EMS in 360 days

Cypress Creek EMS patch
Cypress Creek EMS patch

Editor’s Note: This is a press release from the Cypress Creek EMS, you can read the Harris County Emergency Services District 11’s press release by clicking here.

By Steven Beesley

CYPRESS — Less than a day after CCEMS board members voted to comply with Emergency Services District Number 11 (ESD 11) commissioners’ request for a full audit of all CCEMS financial information, ESD 11 voted to terminate the contract with the emergency provider.  The original contract called for CCEMS to serve as the community’s 911 responder for three more years.

In a recent audit procedure, ESD 11 Commissioners originally requested proprietary financial information far beyond the scope of what is required under the current service contract between the two entities.  After denying CCEMS’s offer to disclose just the financials required under the contract, CCEMS offered to share everything to the auditor but with the caveat that she not share the details of how the organizations is run to ESD 11 Commissioners. This good faith compromise was denied by ESD 11 as well.

“We have been working with ESD 11 Commissioners’ ever-growing list of requests for months now- they have told us, our employees and the public they aimed to keep CCEMS as the 911 Responder.  Today’s vote is disappointing and shocking to everyone here,” says Wren Nealy, chief executive officer for Cypress Creek EMS. “Our main concerns are for our employees and the community they serve, as front-line responders during a pandemic we want to reassure them they will continue to have employment  and serve the community for the next year.   The reality is ESD 11’s attempts to replace the services we provide at our level of expertise is just not possible.”

About Cypress Creek EMS

Cypress Creek EMS covers a 177 square mile area of northern Harris county with approximately 560,000 residents. CCEMS is known nationally as an innovator in prehospital medicine. For example, CCEMS was the first civilian EMS in the country to transfuse whole blood into a trauma patient in the field. CCEMS is also part of a Military EMS Fellowship that is bringing battlefield medicine to civilian EMS to reduce deaths due to trauma.

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