Security Sense's Ring doorbell upgrade helps Cypress teenager get help from the heat. (Cypress News Review)
Security Sense's Ring doorbell upgrade helps Cypress teenager get help from the heat. (Cypress News Review)
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CYPRESS — Earlier this afternoon the recent upgrade to my house security paid off big dividends for the safety of a local young woman. Last month I had switched my security provider to Security Sense out of Katy, after doing business with a company without any local presence that I was aware of.

Part of the upgraded package was the installation of a Ring doorbell. Now I get notifications of movement outside of my house, and whenever someone rings my doorbell.

Before Security Sense’s technician arrived to upgrade my residence, the doorbell had stopped working back before purchasing my house. The technician not only fixed the doorbell but educated me as to how it ceased functioning in the first place.

This young lady, whose name will be kept anonymous, reportedly had spent much of this morning at a nearby park with her belongings and a water bottle, without a cell phone to call for help. Although the heat won’t reach deadly temperatures today, topping out at 95 degrees is definitely not comfortable outside.

She had noticed the Ring doorbell that Security Sense had installed for free and rang the bell. Without that, she might have been stuck without an easy way to ask for help.

Without needing to be home, I was able to lend a hand in helping her.

I spoke with the young lady, who said she had her senior year coming up, and had an argument with a family member and was kicked out of the house. Not having a cell phone, she asked for help in contacting her father.

After calling him from my phone, I learned that she would be without much shelter for the entire afternoon until he could get done with a construction job he was at. I also helped set up a meeting location for her to be in an air conditioned and public location where her health and safety would be better maintained than under the sun at a public park.

I spoke with my neighbors and a retired teacher and coach was able to lend a giant hand to immediately get this young lady to a better situation and until her father could get involved with the situation.

It’s neat how a free upgrade has not only improved my street’s safety, but also helped a teenager when she needed a hand.

Call Patrick at (832)727-9868 and tell him that the Cypress News Review sent you, and he’ll see what he can do about upgrading your family’s security too.

Editor’s note: This is not a paid advertisement for Security Sense or Amazon’s Ring services.

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