Houston SPCA: Keeping Pets Safe as Tropical Storms Approach

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HARRIS COUNTY — “When there is a potential for flooding from major rain events like Tropical Storm Beta, it’s critical to pay attention to your pet’s stress level and take precautions, as they can run away in fear,” said Dr. Dev, chief veterinarian for the Houston SPCA, on Sept. 21, 2020.

Safety tips for anxious pets include:

• Bring your pets inside your home well in advance of a possible flooding event, like Tropical Storm Beta.
• Check the fence line and gate in your backyard to block any possible escape routes.
• Create a safe place for pets, such as the inside of a pet crate in a quiet room. This will keep them from hiding in small spaces where potential hazards are stored, like cleaning supplies.
• Place some of their favorite toys or items that have your scent in their crate, as it can help distract them and lower anxiety levels.
• Just like your other family members, make sure your pet isn’t near windows or doors.
• Keep your pet emergency kit nearby, so you can keep their feeding schedule and don’t have to search for pet food and other supplies if there is a power outage.

For more details and updates on this news and more, follow @HoustonSPCA on social and visit their Newsroom at www.houstonspca.org


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