How to upgrade your car to USB C, made simple and easy

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The advent of the USC C connector with virtually every electronic device has perpetuated itself into almost every household as remote learning swept the nation in 2020.

While the small, reversible plug type has seemingly unlimited options and offers smartphone users a major advantage in its ability to ‘fast charge’ their devices. However, pulling electricity from older USB A chargers do not provide that capability.

You will need to upgrade your plugs to newer USB C models.

Moving to your car, you need similar gear upgrades to provide the same wattage and matching cables.

This model allows you to use either type of cord for your devices.

Normally, on family trips we will bring charging cables for everyone’s devices. However, with the addition of USB C cords we recently brought the wrong charging cables on a recent holiday trip. Luckily, we had one of the older USB A cables that we used in a battery-percentage musical chairs during the drive.


Suddenly, I needed a new converter. This car charger allows me to use either USB A or USB C, and both cord types simultaneously.

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