LSC-CyFair Designs Flexible Course Options for Your Lifestyle

LSC-CyFair Designs Flexible Course Options for Your Lifestyle

CYPRESS, Texas (Oct. 31, 2022) The winter break is on the way, but registration is open today at Lone Star College-CyFair with multiple flexible format options for successfully achieving your goals.

LSC-CyFair offers courses as three- or four-week winter mini-mester classes starting Dec. 19 as well as a 16-week traditional, Evening and Weekend College or an “8 is Great” spring semester, all starting Jan. 17.

English Professor Stacy Oberle’s Composition and Rhetoric class and Professor Ryan Craig’s Math class, along with accounting, criminal justice, economics, government, history, philosophy, Spanish and more, are among the core courses available to help students catch up or get ahead during the winter holiday.

Oberle’s class provides a foundation for writing assignments students will encounter in other college-level classes.

“This class is intensive, but students choose writing topics of interest to them and have flexibility to determine their own study hours each day,” she said. “As long as students meet daily deadlines, they may complete assignments from home or anywhere.”

In Craig’s online college algebra class, each section includes guided notes followed by a series of YouTube videos he created.

“Watching the videos along with the notes creates an enhanced version of the face-to-face experience as students can more easily follow along and pause/stop/rewind as needed,” he explained.

However, Craig offers students a reminder that they will still be getting a “full semester’s worth of work in only three weeks” and not a “watered down or easier experience.”

“Since the mini-mester occurs during the holidays, students must be able to juggle classwork, family time, and their regular job even more effectively than during a 16-week session,” he said.

Students choosing to rest during the winter break have plenty of spring semester options if they register now before the holiday. Early registration helps students get preferred professors and schedules.

LSC-CyFair offers flexibility for students with demanding lifestyles who cannot attend during the day through the Evening and Weekend College, which provides classes weekdays after 5 p.m. and Saturdays.

Another option designed for students trying to balance work and family while furthering their education is LSC-CyFair’s “8 is Great” format featuring two terms of focused and flexible 8-week classes per semester.

Whether taking in-person, online or hybrid courses, LSC-CyFair supports students in and beyond the classroom. Instructors are available to students during office hours and via email, Webex or chat. The LSC-CyFair Academic Success Center offers tutoring, language labs, a writing center, and a multimedia center, just to name a few services. In addition, the library’s multiple databases, as well as the librarians themselves, provide a wealth of resources, knowledge and more for research and project assistance.

Whatever the goal, from earning a degree to a workforce certificate to training for a new career or even completing core classes while transitioning to a university, it is achievable at LSC-CyFair.

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