Major quality of life update coming to FFBE

A couple of days before dropping the version 3.4.0 update on players, the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius staff briefed their players about the many pending changes coming to smart phone video game.

From the game’s social media channels:

From February 1st, units from FINAL FANTASY X will join the fray. The global version will feature “Jecht Rush” with water elemental debuff that is strengthened with -75% compared to the Japanese version which is -60%!
We have another Chinese New Year event planned this year! We will introduce to you our new units. Qin (5~7 stars) is a buffer with music skills. Bai Hu & Zhu Que (5~7 stars) is an attacker combined with ATK and SPR-based attacks. Furthermore, units which has been introduced last year such as Chow returns as a 7 star unit.
You will be able to organize your units better as the inventory will have “General Units” and “Fusion/Sale Units” tabs added. The Fusion/Sale Units tab will store up to 1500 units.
“Trust Coin System” will be implemented for any unwanted units which have reached 100% TMR, which can now be exchanged for Trust Coins. With the Trust Coins you will be able to exchange them for great rewards such as Select Summon Tickets.
The exchange rate depends on the base rarity of the unit. However, units obtained from Standard and Raid Summons, gift units and units obtained through the main story cannot be exchanged with trust coins.
Here is the list of what you can exchange with Trust Coins.
*We have received questions from some players whether the limited time units’ prisms will be available. Unfortunately, the prisms will not be available as part of exchange items for the release of Ver 3.4.0.
There are 2 reasons for this. The first reason is that we would like to consider the players who have worked hard to obtain the limited time units. Another reason is that as you can see in the current SOA event or the next Lunar New Year event, the chances of limited time units re-appearing in the game are specifically planned for these events.
For these reasons, we have included a 5 star Guaranteed Ex Summon ticket, since we would like to broaden the opportunity for obtaining units by exchanging Trust Coins.
However, we have plans to update the Trust Coins Item Exchange list in the future. In regards to the limited time units’ prisms, we plan to implement them whilst considering what the best timing is.
We will implement an Expedition which allows players to increase their TM value. In this expedition, you will always succeed in increasing the value without fail. If up to 5 units taken to the expedition are returned, all of their TMs will increase.


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