Mega Man 1 US box art. (Capcom)
Mega Man 1 US box art. (Capcom)


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Here is the best order to defeat the Mega Man 1 Robot Masters and their weaknesses

1. Cut Man (DLN-003)

  • Weapon: Rolling Cutters
  • Primary Weakness: Super Arm (Guts Man). You will have to use the Mega Buster at this point in the game.
  • Other Weakness: Hyper Bomb & Fire Storm

2. Elec Man (DLN-008)

  • Weapon: Thunder Beam
  • Primary Weakness: Rolling Cutters (Cut Man)
  • Other Weakness: Super Arm & Hyper Bombs
  • You need to return for the Magnet Beam with either the Guts Man or Elec Man ability. (See video below)

3. Ice Man (DLN-005)

  • Weapon: Ice Slasher
  • Primary Weakness: Thunder Beam (Elec Man)
  • Other Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Fire Storm & Rolling Cutters

4. Fire Man (DLN-007)

  • Weapon: Fire Storm
  • Primary Weakness: Ice Slasher (Ice Man)
  • Other Weakness: Rolling Cutters

5. Bomb Man (DLN-006)

  • Weapon: Hyper Bomb
  • Primary Weakness: Fire Storm (Fire Man) and pausing/unpausing the game.
  • Other Weakness: Mega Buster, Rolling Cutters & Thunder Beam

6. Guts Man (DLN-004)

The Japanese version of Mega Man 1 (Rock Man) box art. (Capcom)

Dr. Wily’s Castle

1. Yellow Devil

2. Copy Robot

3. CWU-01P(s)

4. Wily Machine No. 1

Dr. Wily (Capcom)


Fun FAQ: The game’s level bosses are numbered with “DLN”, which is the acronym for Doctor Light Number.