November brings anniversary activities along with C.J. and Flick to the campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!

Great news, campers! November is here in the Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp game, along with some 3rd Anniversary Celebration event festivities. Be on the lookout for C.J., Flick, and more at the campsite. Plus, you can participate in the Pocket Poll Awards and pick your favorite animal pals. Voting closes on Nov. 17. Keep reading for more details!

Pocket Poll Awards

To kick-off the November anniversary festivities, cast your vote for your favorite animal pals in a series of questions that will determine who’s who at the campsite. There are questions about style, personality, and more.

In order to participate in the voting, you will need a Nintendo Account. As a gift for logging in and voting, you can get icons to use on social media, special wallpapers based on how many times you voted, and My Nintendo Platinum Points (Regular)*.

You can vote here:

This event is open until 6:59 p.m. PT on Saturday, Nov. 7. The voting results will be announced with a video on Thursday, Nov. 19. Please check the official Twitter account for updates regarding the video!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp October


Fishing Tourney: Fintastic

It’s time for C.J. to “flex his fins” and host the Fishing Tourney! Catch special fish to get fintastic rewards in this month’s Fishing Tourney. Once you catch some tourney fish, get them measured. When the total size reaches a goal, you can get in-game rewards like a curved fish tank, barreleye tank, and umbrella octopus tank.

Garden Event: Isabelle Pastel Party

Isabelle is hosting this month’s pastel-inspired Garden Event. Plant astrablooms so partyflaps will gather, then collect these creatures and give them to Isabelle. You might earn event-exclusive items like a pastel pastry plate, pastel cloud rug, and pastel hoodie dress.

Scavenger Hunt: Pastel Pop

So pretty! Collect pastel-pop gyrodite to earn items like a pastel-balloon backdrop, pastel-pop top hat, and pastel-balloon balls.

Seasonal Event: Third Anniversary Celebration

Isabelle is hosting this celebratory Seasonal Event. Collect third-anniversary candles to earn items like a third-anniversary cake, third-anniversary cake stand, and pastel flower shower.

New Fortune Cookie: Dom’s funfair cookie

You’re in for a treat when you crack open one of Dom’s funfair cookies. Each cookie contains a single item, like a funfair ferris wheel, funfair swing ride, or funfair concession cart. Good luck!

Happy Homeroom: New Event Classes for November

Use the items you’ve collected this month to practice your interior design skills in two new sets of Happy Homeroom event classes: Funfair Fantasy and C.J.’s Fintastic Friends. Lottie and friends will grade your designs. If you pass a class, you’ll get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals. Earn enough medals and your HH Rank will go up!

Gulliver’s Washed-Up Goals

Help Gulliver locate his missing communicator parts to complete these special goals.

Flick’s Segmented Soulmates

Flick has arrived at the campsite! Complete his bug-catching goals to earn special in-game rewards like the butterfly-exhibit fountain.

About Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-start mobile game about exploring nature, making friends, and collecting cool items to help you create the campsite of your dreams.

For more information about the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game, visit the official site:


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