Robert Francis O’Rourke Announces Run for President in 2020

The Republican Party of Texas' seal.
The Republican Party of Texas' seal.
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By Sam Pohl

AUSTIN – Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke officially threw his hat into the ring for the Democrat nomination for President today (March 14, 2019).

O’Rourke is coming off of a short hiatus following a failed run for the Texas Senate. Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“It’s no surprise that Beto O’Rourke has entered the race for President – he’ll be joining several fellow Socialists with a message that resonates much better with Democrat primary voters than average Texans and Americans. O’Rourke’s policies of open borders, abolishing Immigration and Custom Enforcement (I.C.E.), and supporting single-payer government run healthcare are a snippet of the many problems with his candidacy and are clear examples of exactly what our nation needs to avoid. America needs leaders who will continue to fight for our strong economy, career opportunities for hard working taxpayers, and for securing our border.”

According to a Breitbart story posted on February 12, 2019, O’Rourke claims the “Green New Deal” was the “best proposal that I’ve seen” – ignoring its $93 trillion price tag. This is just one recent example in O’Rourke’s career of neglecting taxpayers. While only passing one bill during his tenure in Congress he actually voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which improved hundreds of thousands of careers in Texas alone.

Chairman Dickey continued:

“During his time in Congress, O’Rourke voted with Nancy Pelosi 94% of the time – he’s made clear he cares more for partisan politics than for helping hard working Americans. This was abundantly clear when he voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which created 362,200 careers in the state of Texas, and millions around the nation. O’Rourke’s record demonstrates that he’d be a disaster for our country.”

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