Sheriff deputies end GTA-like two-hour crime spree in Cypress area


CYPRESS — It sounds like a short play-through of any Grand Theft Auto game, except that it happened in real life and ended in the Cypress area.

According to Ed Gonzalez, the Harris County Sheriff, this morning a pair of males were arrested as suspects in committing multiple crimes. The sheriff tweeted that the two-hour-long crime spree started with a home invasion, where the first male was arrested while a 19-year-old male fled the scene.

The 19-year-old is then suspected of two carjackings and robbing multiple motels, whereupon he led deputies on a car pursuit that ended near the intersection of Highway 249 and Bammel N. Houston. The male was armed with a pistol and a stolen rifle, which was recovered.

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)





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