More than 50 Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies, detention officers, and other staff members were honored at a Commendations Ceremony. Several are being recognized with awards for life saving, bravery, outstanding community service, merit, and unit citations.

Those being recognized include:

• Two deputies who were called to help a suicidal man who was in a bedroom holding a rifle to his own head. Before the man could fire, a deputy lunged toward him and swiped the gun safely away. Deputies then took the man to the Veterans Administration Hospital for evaluation.
• A deputy who saved an unconscious woman, who was barely breathing, from a potentially deadly opioid overdose by giving her the drug Narcan.
• A communications officer who patiently talked a suicidal, 69-year-old widower out of harming himself.
• Three deputies who encountered a man who had tied a noose around his neck and was threatening to jump from a bridge. The deputies leaped and grabbed the man before he could jump to his death, and then they helped him get mental health services.
• A deputy who busted a bedroom window from a burning trailer home to rescue a woman who was trapped inside.
• A crime scene investigator whose thorough work and expert testimony has helped lead to successful prosecutions in multiple homicide cases.
• A team of crime scene investigators who used finger and palm prints lifted from a vehicle to identify a man suspected of three murders.
• Two deputies whose questioning of a man they spotted while responding to a burglary alarm eventually led to more than a dozen burglary charges against the suspect.
• The HCSO Vice Unit for arresting 80 men for solicitation of prostitution during a month-long sting operation.
• Also being recognized is a Walmart asset protection associate who worked closely with investigators to review countless hours of security video in search of clues to help solve the December 2018 murder of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

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