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Editor & Publisher: Creighton Holub
Creighton Holub, Cypress News Review publisher, attending one of the first high school Class of 2020 graduations in Sealy, Texas, May 22, 2020. (CNR photo)

The Cypress News Review is the brainchild of Creighton Holub, whose news journalism career jumped into gear during high school in 1996.

“That fall I had joined my friends in doing the school yearbook,” he said. “I had no idea that it would become the springboard for a career in photography, photojournalism, video, and the news industry.”

The civilian photographer and journalist turned Army public affairs operator and combat veteran finished his time in the military and started Holub Photography. The communities served by Holub Photography desperately needed video services and he was the only person who could fulfill that role.

“I had gotten my toes wet with video while in the military,” the experienced cameraman explained. “Assisting such experienced broadcasters — which included a NYC TV crewman, former and future military broadcast station leaders — gave me the tools to work through many of the problems any still photographer would need to get video work up and running. It wasn’t as smooth as it is now — that’s for sure!”

As a winner of local, regional, state and national awards in news, photography and journalism, he has covered the region along Interstate 10 west of Houston all the way out to Colorado County.


University of Houston. Class of 2011. B.S. in Political Science, minor concentration in journalism, public relations and advertising.
Related Coursework: Public policy, state, local and national politics, research and statistics, crisis communications, business communication, advertising planning and creation, public relations, public affairs and photojournalism.

Defense Information School. Class of 2004 (BPAS-W 100-04). Diploma in information operations, photography, public relations, public affairs and journalism.
Related Coursework: International public affairs, information gathering for worldwide distribution, photography, pagination, information technology and public relations.


Public affairs, 46Q, MOS qualified.

Outdoor science: Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, Sept. 2016 – No expiration; NOVA Counselor (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), June 2016 – No expiration.

Work experience:

Cypress News Review: Founded in 2018 – current.

Holub Photography: Founded 2009 – current.

Public Affairs Specialist. 2004-2009. U.S. Army, multiple locations. Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2005-2006 and 2008-2009.

Newspaper staff and contractor. 1997-2004, 2009-2015. Multiple companies.


Sports Coverage, Certificate of Achievement

2002, Texas Gulf Coast Press Association

MG Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Competition, News Publication, second place

May 2009, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, U.S. Army

Sports Photography, second place

June 2014, Texas Press Association

News Photography, third place

June 2014, Texas Press Association


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Texas Sports Writers Association

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