CYPRESS — There’s lots of junk information out there about the major delays that are causing Cypress-Fairbanks ISD — and just about any other Texas school — to have delays in getting laptops and hotspots into the hands of students.

We’ve pulled from multiple outside sources (KHOU Channel 11 Houston, Linus Tech Tips, and WFAA Channel 8 Dallas) explaining a very difficult supply chain problem, only exacerbated by the current pandemic. Linus Tech Tips brought the supply-and-demand issue to light as far back as February, albeit demand from public education agencies wasn’t quite the issue that it is right now.


Smaller school districts, such as Royal ISD in southern Waller County are providing wifi buses to aid in distributing digital learning to students with school-issued Chromebooks.

Information and location schedule for Royal ISD’s Wi-Fi bus in the Brookshire / Pattison area of southern Waller County. (courtesy Royal ISD)

More information about Royal ISD’s five Wi-Fi buses is available here.


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