Yes we do (take stances on issues and news) and thank you for noticing!
Citizens need to know what’s going on, and all news organizations have historically held opinions via some method or another.
They will usually suggest which candidates to vote for, and what issues to vote against.

Was the countywide flood control bond worthy of a yes vote? We thought so, and pushed for it. (Click to see a list of our articles.)

What about the upcoming $1.7 billion bond for CFISD? We’re still on the fence, but it looks like it will help fix bad decisions such as building our elementary schools with distraction-inducing “open classroom” environments where your kid(s) hear every voice and sound from the other thousand-some-odd students in the building. It was a bad decision and now CFISD taxpayers have to pay for it — twice. (Click to see a list of articles.)


Here’s what some of the other local media have about politics and opinions.
Channel 2:
Houston Chronicle:

The famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) New York Times is well known for its opinion pieces and opinion page.
Here’s the LA Times:

Also, a company put all the big national news outlets into a handy chart they seem to update every so often. This might be useful in determining what news media outlets fit your personal politics.

We "redacted" the Facebook user's name in the top left corner of this screenshot.
We “redacted” the Facebook user’s name in the top left corner of this screenshot.

Cypress needs its own news source and we’re here to deliver. And while we’re at it, we’re pushing for the community to come together and incorporate into a city and make the hard, expensive decisions to reclaim our property from Houston’s ETJ.

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