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AUSTIN – Tonight (Feb. 1, 2021), during his State of the State address,  Governor Greg Abbott dictated his vision for Texas and stressed a number of legislative efforts, all of which fall outside of the real struggles Texas households face every day.

The Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa made the following statement: 

“In every single way, Governor Abbott has failed. He is the worst Governor in modern Texas history. Everyday Texans are facing some of the biggest challenges of their lives. We continue to lead the nation in COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates. Yet Abbott buries his head in the sand and pretends like nothing is happening.

“Greg Abbott’s administration has managed to vaccinate only 7% of our state’s population, while sections of Texas have not seen any COVID-19 vaccine distributed within their community. Abbott has betrayed our trust.

“Our state’s economy still remains in shambles because Abbott refused to issue health-related shutdowns in sections of the states where the virus was surging. No business can withstand these up and down trends as it relates to a virus that continues to surge across the state because of the governor’s hands off approach to controlling its spread.”

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