Texas Republicans against Attempt to Move the Alamo’s Cenotaph

Chairman Allen West Condemns Any Attempt to Move the Alamo’s Cenotaph


Chairman West and the entire Republican Party of Texas condemn the San Antonio City Council’s upcoming vote to move the Cenotaph. In the most recent election, 97 percent of Texas Republicans voted to keep the Cenotaph and other historic monuments where they are.

As Chairman West said, “the San Antonio City Council is in a rush to appease the mob, and by doing so will set a precedent that we can abandon our history and heroes. No Texan should support such an egregious measure.”

The men who gave their lives at the Alamo deserve our respect and gratitude. Any attempt to move their tombstone is an insult to their sacrifice. The GOP of Texas is diametrically opposed to any measure that will lead to desecration of that hallowed ground.

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