SAN FELIPE — The Alamo roadshow’s final stop is slated for the San Felipe de Austin Museum, Thursday evening.

The roadshow’s final stop will be just a drive just short of Sealy for Cypress citizens. The event invites Texans to learn about the ongoing preservation work happening at the state’s most well-known historic site. Attendees are encouraged to share their own family stories, documents and artifacts related to the Texas Revolution.

“The Alamo Roadshow is an opportunity for history enthusiasts to learn about the plan to preserve the Alamo and to build the state’s largest Texas Revolution museum, as well as to share their own personal artifacts and historic family treasures,” said Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush. “I invite all Texans to join us for a discussion on preservation and Texas history.”

The roadshow is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the museum, located at 15945 FM 1458, Sealy, TX 77474.

Roadshow presenters will bring artifacts from the Alamo and General Land Office (GLO) Archives that will someday appear in the forthcoming Alamo Museum and Visitor’s Center. Roadshow organizers will also gather feedback from attendees on their thoughts and suggestions for the future of the Alamo.

“As we begin to make plans for future exhibits and programming, and a museum to house the Alamo’s collection, we want to invite all Texans to share their unique connections to the Alamo and Texas history,” said Alamo CEO Doug McDonald. “Whether you’re a direct descendant of the Old Three Hundred, have an artifact of the Texas Revolution, or possess a family heirloom related to Texas history, our goal is to help document and share those stories with everyone who loves Texas history. These stories are part of the Alamo’s story, and could help shape the way we think about historical interpretation at the Alamo in the future.”

The Alamo is set to visit the San Felipe de Austin state museum Thursday evening.