Uvalde fallout affecting nation


It’s not a gun problem – it’s a criminal response to your brothers in blue deciding to not act to save those kids. We expect better and arrests at the very least. The whole “looks like your parking light isn’t working” is a perfect excuse to clean up the wannabe cops in Uvalde.

Now the whole country knows that police are not compelled to stop crime. This knowledge in educated citizens is one thing. But the bad apples learned the truth when it was laid out right in front of them. They understand that police are there to file reports.

Police inaction in Uvalde led to not just those immediate deaths and injuries, but now we basically need every citizen trained and armed to protect ourselves. To borrow from the Democrat platform, we need common sense police reform. LEOs must be compelled to defend citizens.


I went to a recent high school graduation. Cops everywhere. I felt less safe because the location is a restricted area, and those officers are not mandated to protect me or any other citizen. They could stand by while we’re slaughtered and have no legal consequences.

We need every LEO agency oath of office reworded. The legal statutes must be amended. And if cops aren’t willing to do their REAL jobs, then why are you holding back the good citizens from saving each other?

In short, a bunch of police in Uvalde earned life imprisonment. Which they certainly will never see. Instead of fixing the problem of bad cops, which has caused so many riots these recent years, we hear our politicians screaming that we need rice get rid of the one thing we can rely upon to keep ourselves and other citizens safe. I’m down with officer safety in most circumstances. When the lives are on the line we expect the same we get from our military: ante up and your life is on the line. It’s better to try and die as the hero, than to cause further death and destruction because cops can’t figure out how to shoot a lock, crash a car through wall, etc. LEOs get access to MRAPs and military gear. This is when it’s expected to be used.