WALLER — March 1-5 is Texas Educational Diagnostician Week! Waller ISD’s (WISD) Educational Diagnosticians play a crucial role in ensuring student success. As a big part of the Special Education Department, diagnosticians work with students to learn how to best advocate for their educational needs. This helps provide students with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life outside the classroom.

With such a monumental task, these educators undergo several years of specialized training. Each must hold a current teaching certificate, have three years of teaching experience, and a master’s degree. On top of these requirements, they must also complete an educational diagnostician preparation program to become certified and continue participating in professional development to update their education.



WISD Educational Diagnosticians:

Jennifer Backhaus

Jackie Bremer

Angela Caballero

Chris Donalson

Jamie Grebe

Lauri Hansen

Angie Hodde

Erin Lischka

Mary Llanas

Neilin Mercano

Jana Robinson

Carmen Romero

Lisa Schwaeble

Abby Tenorio

Katrina Tulod

These professionals work closely with families, teachers, and administrators to identify student needs, develop and monitor individualized plans to improve student progress, and collect data to measure success.

“We couldn’t do what we do for students, families, and staff without the passion, expertise, integrity, and work ethic of this team,” WISD Director of Special Education Kirsten Omelan said. “They make the impossible possible every day.”