Where is Cypress? Who is Cypress? Why is Cypress?

Why does the Cypress News Review exist?
Among the many reasons is that because events like Sept. 27, 2019’s murder get relocated to other areas, causing confusion and displace responsibility.

The murder of a law enforcement officer, Harris County Sheriff Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, was reported as “near Jersey Village” by at least one big city TV station. According to Google Maps, that’s five miles away.
Media outlets couldn’t say “Houston” despite the mailing address is “in” Houston (14807 Willancy Ct, Houston, TX 77095, was provided by the Sheriff’s Office). Because saying “it happened in Houston” makes the average citizen think that it happened downtown.

This wasn’t a Jersey Village problem, and it wasn’t a Houston problem. It happened in the area many know and think of as “Cypress.”

Then some citizens said it happened in Copperfield. Others said Copperleaf. The county sheriff said that Dep. Dhaliwal served the Copper Brook community.

The Cypress News Review considers the areas covered by either Cypress-Fairbanks ISD and the Cy-Fair Fire Department to be “Cypress.” This doesn’t include Mutual Aid agreements, as that would mean the 2018 plant fire in Bellville would be included. However, we gladly honor the efforts made by our firefighters made when helping others. Additionally, because Jersey Village’s public school needs are handled by CFISD, we gladly share news and information for the citizens of that municipality.

Despite the “Houston” mailing address, the community witnessed Cypress’ bravest and finest on the scene. Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department medics and firefighters, Cy Fair Isd Police Department officers, in addition to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the many other unmentioned first responders in the area that swarmed the area to provide aid for Dep. Sandeep Dhaliwal and to find his assaulter(s).

When scrolling through more public thanks messages from the HCSO, I noticed that the sheriff’s office thanked the school police for handling the regular calls for service in the area.

Additionally, our Cy-Fair ISD schools in the area went into “Lockout” mode for a time, until the area was ensured to be safe. Cy Falls High School is 1.7 miles away from the location of the attack.

Sadly, a lack of action to incorporate the area into a city years ago allowed the real estate to be swallowed by Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. Thus making incorporation a monumental task.

Today, we don’t have a truly local way to create a memorial in his honor.

Creating a memorial to Dep. Dhaliwal now falls to Harris County. We have two precinct commissioners in the area: Pct. 3’s Steve Radack (http://www.pct3.com/) and Pct. 4’s R. Jack Cagle (Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner’s Office). I’m hoping that they will be able to find a solution to keep his memory alive.

There is a park nearby the incident’s location, however it is already named Charles W. Austin Park.

In the meantime, we’re looking at to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to ensure the police apprehended the correct suspect(s) and to throw the book at ’em. On that note, the sheriff reported that the DA has charged Robert Solis, 47, with capital murder.

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